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Tech Werks NEW Touch Screen encoder and “SMART” on-line management software makes streaming LIVE and creating on-demand videos as simple as turning on a TV. You can broadcast LIVE and publish on-demand video with the touch of ONE button. You know longer have to be a rocket scientist and a web designer to produce videos for the Internet. When you receive your Touch Screen encoder, just plug in - AC power, your Internet connection and any audio/video source. Turn on the Touch Screen encoder, and when you are ready to broadcast to the world, touch the “START” button and you are broadcasting LIVE to the whole world via the Internet.

There are two major parts to streaming video, the video compression/streaming and publishing videos on your web site. Until now, encoding systems were complicated and only creates a video streams and files and the learning curve was weeks. Once you learned how to create a video you still needed to publish a link to the video on your web site.

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When you purchase the Touch Screen encoder, you will need to log in to Tech Werks “SMART” on-line management software and fill out a short information form. Things like company information, description of your company, copyright information and e-mail addresses where notifications of new videos will be sent.

When you receive your NEW Touch Screen encoder, plug in the AC power, your high speed Internet and your audio and video source. This audio and video could be as simple as a camcorder or a multi-million dollar television facility.

Turn on the Touch Screen encoder. When the encoder starts, it will connect to Tech Werks “Smart” on-line management software and download all of your custom settings. There are over 50 different variables that are downloaded, things like the name of your next video, description, copyright, the type of compression, the compression profile.

You are now ready to broadcast LIVE and/or record a video. When you are ready, Touch the “START” button using the touch screen built into the front of the encoder. When you touch “START” the Touch Screen encoder notifies the “SMART” on-line management software that you are broadcasting LIVE and your HTML page will be updated with a “Watch Live” link. When you stop broadcasting, this Link will be removed.

If you are using the “AUTO STOP” feature, the encoder will automatically stop itself; upload/transfer your video to one of Tech Werks broadcast centers. When the video as been successfully transferred, the Touch Screen encoder automatically notifies Tech Werks “SMART” on-line management software that a new video as been uploaded and all the video information about the video is sent to the management software. The management software then updates you HTML pages and your RSS feed with this new video. The management software then sends e-mails to you and 3 other e-mail accounts, that a new video has been published. In this e-mail is the video information; name, description, Date published, Duration of the video and the link to watch the video. The management software can also send a “post” command to your web server with all the video information. This allows you to build your own web page and you can use this information to send a mass e-mail to all of your clients.

If you don’t have “AUTO STOP” enabled or you want to stop recording before the “AUTO STOP” time, then just touch the “STOP” button on the front of the encoder. Then the “AUTO PUBLISH” screen will appear. If you want to “AUTO PUBLISH” the video you just recorded, touch “YES” and the video will be uploaded and the “SMART” on-line software will be notified of the new video and the “SMART” software will make all the updates to your web site and notify you of the new video.


For more information about the new Tech-Werks EZCaster touch screen encoder or about the company Tech-Werks please click here. If you wish to purchase an encoder then please click here and enter the name "Todd Webb" in the "Sales Rep" box.